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When a business has enjoyed success in the United Kingdom, what does it do next? Should it batten down the hatches and consolidate, or look to expand into new territories, and if so which ones? Open Advertising believes that the USA remains a land of opportunity for expanding businesses. Open Advertising agrees it’s important for businesses to be ambitious. Standing still can lead to stagnation. Expanding into a new country brings challenges, but even more opportunities. Smart entrepreneurs are still looking to the United States when they consider their expansion plans.

Not many years ago, expanding into the American market was an obvious progression for any successful British business. And then came the economic crash. Suddenly the strong American economy looked anything but stable, and businesses in all sectors began to feel the pinch. But since that time things have changed for the better. Businesses should still turn to the USA for their expansion. It’s still the world’s largest economy, with per capita GDP standing at $46,900. Even after the economic downturn, it’s a country that welcomes entrepreneurship with open arms. Regulations encourage businesses and competition, and employment laws are less constricting than they are in the United Kingdom. It’s easy to forget the sheer size of the USA. Ten of the country’s states are larger than the whole of Britain.

Open Advertising’s management team hail from the UK. From the combination of great success and client demand our Chicago location was born. The location of your offices is pretty important in business, and being in a place that is easy to access for your clients, and in an area where other successful businesses run their operations can have a huge impact on your brand identity. We are very excited about the new location in Chicago City Centre and what it will bring to the company.

Open Advertising have been seeing unprecedented growth as a business in the past year in the UK and now here in Chicago. With bigger and better offices, we can expand and give our clients an even better experience when they come to visit us. Our office is in a thriving business area in a great city, and it is easy to get to for all of our clients. This is what marked this location out to us as the one to go for.

Open Advertising are experts in helping businesses acquire new customers thanks to exciting marketing campaigns. They don’t just operate on a national level, they can help you target and reach customers overseas as well.

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