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Open Advertising opened for business in Chicago in 2016, providing a range of flexible and cost-effective solutions, specializing in new customer acquisitions, brand awareness campaigns and customer service.

However, we don’t just tailor our services to the customers, but to our clients as well. Whether we’re running business to consumer, events and promotions or business to business campaigns, Open Advertising will always strive to meet your needs. Our flexible face-to-face sales and marketing approach allows us to work across a variety of campaigns and industries, thus maximizing our clients’ knowledge and market penetration.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter F. Drucker

That is why companies come to us. Not only do we increase market share and exposure, but through our personal approach improving the customer experience and understanding is key. Unlike the competition, our adaptability and versatility means no challenge is too big – no goal is unachievable.

Open Advertising is a leading marketing company that has recently expanded into the Chicago area after setting up successful roots in the UK. The managing director of Open Advertising chose Chicago as the site for the expansion as it is a city that is really moving forward.  Having moved into our new location, Open Advertising have hit the ground running and we are already making a lot of useful connections and seeing some great results.

The CEO of Open Advertising had this to say….

‘Having successfully branched into Chicago, a move that took a lot of planning for us, we are now looking at what our goals are for the future. Based on our market research in the area, and what we know from our own experience in marketing, we believe it is realistic to aim for growth of 29% in the next three months. This may sound very ambitious, but from what we know and the research we have carried out, we feel it is a realistic target, and we are all very much geared up towards achieving it. A growth of 29% in three months essentially amounts to us needing to sign up around 1870 new customers for our clients. Based on our past performance and what we have learned about working in the Chicago area we sincerely believe that if we work hard and stick to our strategies, we can do this. We are very keen to make a big impact in this new location, and setting goals like this is a good way to ensure we do it. The summer is always a very interesting time in direct marketing, and we will be pulling out all of the stops to make sure we capitalize on every opportunity to win new business and offer our clients the best marketing services. Once we have hit our goals in the next three months, we will then be looking at even loftier goals for the final quarter of the year. We are happy to have expanded into Chicago from the UK, and now we are here we just want to keep on growing and keep giving our clients more.’

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