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This page is here for you to have a behind-the-scenes look at our recruitment process and learn why we value each stage. We appreciate everyone that applies to our company no matter how far they get into this process.

We have a four stage recruitment process before someone gets an opportunity with our company. The stages include resume screening, a face to face screening process, an open day and a final interview. See below a quick rundown of each stage of the process and learn briefly what happens at each stage.

Once a candidate sends in a resume and cover letter to us a dedicated member of our team will review it. This could be a administrator, a recruitment specialist or a manager within the company. We are looking for someone with edge and ambition to succeed. Regardless of experience, are they willing to take on more and continue to develop themselves? Based off the experience, interests and hobbies, do we feel they are right for our culture?
This is our opportunity to match a face to the resume and see what a candidate is like. We have some incredible resumes that are not great candidates in person and some candidates who come in and surprise us with what they have to offer. These meetings are not very long and are designed for us to get to hear you speak about your previous experience with your future ambitions and goals. We will also want to explain to you more about our company and ask you some questions so we can judge if we believe you are a good fit.
We never want to commit to having someone in our team without having them around us for a day first. During this day a candidate will meet the team, experience the environment and learn a lot more about us. They will observe some of the sales and marketing we do for our clients and complete some problem-solving tasks. We like to discuss earnings and hours in more detail on this day as we start to see where the candidate would fit in if they were given a position with the company. We find these days invaluable as we get to know a candidate and what they would really be like within our team. We have a lot of fun holding them and want everybody to have a positive experience, no matter if they get offered a position or not.
This happens at the end of the open day where we will sit with a candidate for a final time to make a decision. By this stage we have a resume, first round interview, personal recommendations from the team and a final questionnaire completed. We will want to reflect on the day, how they found everything and ask them questions about what they learned to see how attentive they have been throughout. A candidate needs to demonstrate at this stage an understanding of the effect we have on a client and a determination to help us to continue to make a difference to them. We want to see the candidates level of understanding of the company, ambition and willingness to take on coaching. After this meeting it is decision time for a hiring manager.


If you think you have what it takes to start this process, apply now!