Graduation season is just around the corner and it gives companies a chance to put their best foot forward and attract newly graduated individuals. It’s important to note that today’s graduate job seekers went through university to attain positions that will build them in the long run. Recently, Joshua Peace, Managing Director of Open Advertising went back to the United Kingdom and spent some time with students and younger generation individuals. He talked to them about today’s job market and how important it is to start in a company, work hard and build your way up. “When I spoke to these bright individuals, they told me about how they want to be successful and do something worthwhile with their education. I mentioned to them that it’s important to try your utmost and work hard to reach the type of success they are looking for. Since they are young, it’s important for them to receive advice from experienced individuals that can help them start somewhere, at Open Advertising that’s my goal — to give as many graduates a chance at their success,” says Joshua Peace of Open Advertising.

There are quite a few important aspects to consider when reaching out to and attracting new graduates. Firstly, make sure your company is visible and out there. “Nowadays, everything is online. Make sure to be on the pages that the younger generations spend time on and know it’s professional. LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook. These are a few new, but traditional spots for modern day job ads. Doing this makes you look like you are up to date and engaged in digital places,” mentions Joshua Peace of Open Advertising. Also, make sure to actively participate in job fairs and internship events so that these young job seekers can see what your company culture and what the environment is all about. Be authentic in your attempt to appeal to new graduates. Trying too hard does not necessarily get you the results you desire. Understand you don’t need to be the trendiest office or company on the block to reach to new graduates. Rather establish values, trust, and appreciate the skills every graduate that will come and has to offer. “It’s important to look at these graduates as people when they come in and appreciate what they have to put on the table because everyone has something exceptional to offer,” says Joshua Peace of Open Advertising.

Last but not least, communication is vital when appealing to new graduates. The more personal and professional your reach is with a certain individual, it’ll make them see that you care about them and want them for your company. Graduates already get denied and disappointed once they start interview routines, so make yourself the company that is different and cares. “When you reach out to graduates, start with a personal touch and make sure you’re accommodating their needs for scheduling them in, treat each individual with special respect so that they want to work for you and feel good about your company” notes Joshua Peace of Open Advertising. We know that graduate season will bring in great workers and fresh surprises for us, and we can’t wait to meet all these bright young individuals.