Although automation has grown by leaps and bounds, no business could operate in the absence of people. People are the core foundation of your business from within and without and this is why a successful owner/director should always master the art of working with people. Here, Open Advertising director, Josh Peace, examines key components in ‘people skills’ that will enable you to build a team of those who fit your model.

Open Advertising is built on a model of entrepreneurs working together as a team for the common good of the firm and the clients the firm represents. It often requires members to ‘float’ to areas where they are needed more and “…why we only choose people who are ready to step up as needed. If they are too into themselves and their own objectives, they don’t fit our concept of a team player, so we pass them by,” says Josh Peace.

“We also look for team leaders who have experience in developing teams. Those are the ones we rely on during the talent acquisition process. Their experience in getting things done combined with our business model enables us to work together to form a team of people who can get out there and sell products for our clients.” Here, he emphasised ‘people’ because that’s what marketing is all about – people.

There was a time when it was almost cliché to hear a job applicant say “I’m a people person,” but in today’s marketplace, that’s just what’s lacking. “Perhaps we’ve gone too far in the opposite direction,” states Open Advertising’s director. “We’ve become so entrenched in digital communications that we’ve lost the art of working with people. We’ve forgotten how to communicate and more importantly, we’ve forgotten how to listen.”

“You can’t sell a product or service if you don’t know what consumers want or need and you surely can’t know what that is unless you listen to what they are saying.” Building a team of dynamic individuals who have mastered the ‘people skills’ necessary to forming relationships is vital. That’s what Open Advertising want you to understand.

The team at Open Advertising is founded on that very core belief. With a people-centred direct marketing approach, they listen to what people are saying and are then better able to offer an effective ‘call to action.’ We hear what you say, we have what you need so this is the product/service for you. If you listen to ‘people’ it works every time.