When great athletes or entrepreneurs become well-known, we automatically assume that they are lucky. There is a particular luck type of element in each individual’s success story. “For example being in the right place at the right time or speaking to the right person who notices your characteristics and helps you get places. These are certain advantages that occur when someone in the process of wanting to be successful,” says Josh Peace, managing director of Open Advertising. However, put luck aside. There’s something else that you must develop in order to win or be successful. You can appreciate the factor of luck, but being able to say that you put in the effort every single day to reach the point of winning says much more than being able to say that you don’t know how it happened.


“Think about the best athletic teams that you know and the players that are on there. How do you they make it to the top? How does any team make it to the top? It’s not luck as much as it is hard work and effort. Every team member realizes what’s at stake and they work twice as hard as anything on their league to make it to the finals and win. This is a given for any team and any organization, the ability to have effort and put in work,” says Josh Peace of Open Advertising. At Open Advertising, we believe in a few factors to help you develop a winning habit. Here are our top 3.




You won’t want to get up in the morning unless you’re passionate about what you’re doing or looking forward to. If you love and are passionate about something, you are sure to be diligent in accomplishing anything that comes in your way to get towards your goal. Regardless of whatever comes in your way, your passion won’t let you stop till you get it.


Above and Beyond


There’s no room for average or mediocre effort when you’re thinking big or thinking about winning. “You have to work extra hours, put in more effort, put in more time and genuinely work on what your weaknesses are to improve and head in the direction of winning,” mentions Josh Peace of Open Advertising.




Don’t ever stop. Even if you get turned down 10 times, keep going at it because you will develop along the way and during the process. You’ll perfect yourself and your work towards the goal you want. But you can’t quit, quitters don’t make it towards the finish line.