Marketing agencies understand that investment in clients is a crucial and required part of the task at hand. What many marketing gurus fail to consider, however, is a similar investment in the industry as a whole. Conferences, award ceremonies, and seminars all serve a broader dual purpose, in that they provide valuable networking opportunities within the industry. There are many ways in which marketers can network with each other and have influence, with some less conventional than others. Open Advertising announced business development opportunities for marketers recently that aim to help others, and the company as well.

Making new acquaintances in the world of marketing is inherently valuable, and leaders such as the Director, Josh Peace of Open Advertising understand this. “We find it a very valuable experience to work with new entrepreneurs in the industry, as it creates opportunity on multiple levels,” he said. “One way in which it is helpful is that these individuals will remember us and we suddenly have new connections within the industry that other competitors simply do not.” Other benefits include influence, as the company helps in large part shape how other marketers operate and view the marketing world.

Managing director Josh Peace of Open Advertising understands that a new marketing world requires a fresh perspective. The reality is that most clients are not willing to spend the same amount of money on traditional advertising tactics like they were twenty years ago. As a result, Open Advertising and others have had to find ways in which to reach clients and colleagues within the industry in new and exciting ways. The basics of understanding client goals and providing satisfaction still remain, both of which the company strives to fulfill with each and every one of its clients.

As marketing companies increasingly have to look outside the box in order to gain an upper-hand, many are considering similar approaches to what Open Advertising has already done. Valuable influence within the marketing industry, dozens of new business connections and a way in which to shape how new entrepreneurs and marketers see the industry are all excellent justifications for doing so, but Josh Peace of Open Advertising also maintains that it is the right thing to do. “We believe not just in taking, but in giving back. This kind of work benefits others just as much as it benefits us – we feel that our success requires us to pay it forward”.