New things feed your hunger for success, as the feeling of change opens your mind to new possibilities available in both your career and lifestyle. Here, managing director Josh Peace of Chicago-based marketing firm Open Advertising shares his thoughts on the Advantages of welcoming new things into your life.

It could be a new way of doing something that you are used to doing a certain way; this would mean incorporating change – you should embrace change every now and again. As without change, there’d be no improvements, right? Or it’s simply something new, something you’ve never tried or experienced before and something you didn’t even know about. This encourages learning and growth into your life. Going out on a limb to try something new takes confidence, and showing yourself that you have what it takes will only make you feel better about yourself. In turn, you will surprise yourself and realize the potential you’ve held all along.

Nobody entered this world with a plan or itinerary already prepared and assigned to them, as individuals we may have been born into a particular culture and corner of the world, but the world is ginormous and filled with millions of options, free for us to try. We should open our minds and try things that our parents, families, and teachers didn’t show us. C.E.O Josh Peace of Open Advertising adopts a positive mentality and lifestyle as he consistently makes an effort to keep moving forward and continue to progress and grow in his personal and professional life. Originally born and raised in England, Josh made the brave decision to try out Chicago, where he was lead by a irrefusable business opportunity. “I was used to running my business as I knew it in Chelmsford UK, I had gotten used to making changes and trying new things in my career; however I had never considered Chicago as a place to visit let alone begin a business there. I, of course, took this incredible opportunity and allowed this huge change into my life. I am not suggesting everyone reading this uproots and moves to another country; you can embrace new things in smaller doses, like changing your diet, your morning routine, practicing a new sport or language for example. By doing this consistently, you will feel more confident saying yes when the bigger opportunities come around” explains Josh Peace of Open Advertising.

Josh Peace promotes this philosophy to his team of entrepreneurs at Open Advertising, encouraging them to keep growing, learning and developing themselves and their identities, for a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle.