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Have a question about our company? Below is the answers to the questions we get asked the most.


Open Advertising is an outsourced sales and marketing company. Clients in various industries hire the company to represent them. All companies need to market themselves and acquire new customers. Open Advertising allows a company to outsource that part of their business rather than doing it internally.
With an unlimited expansion budget and more client demand than ever before it’s simply a matter of how quick can we grow into that work. Our clients are prepared to work with us as we grow into the demand they have and are backing us the entire way knowing our growth is highly beneficial for them. The more we grow the bigger impact we can have on their business. Having the backing of such well-established clients is a huge advantage for us and we are proud to call these clients our partners. They benefit from these offices, we benefit of these offices, the growth helps everyone involved when what you are doing brings value and a positive impact. The only question is how quick can we develop the senior level management needed to oversee such a large amount of demand. This is where our management training program comes into play. If you are interested in a career with us and feel like you have what it takes, don't hesitate to Apply!
Companies outsource a part or section of their business for two reasons.

1) A company decides a specialist company, focusing on just that part of a business, could do it to a higher standard than they could internally.

2) A company decides outsourcing a particular section of their business will be cheaper and more economical than doing it themselves.
Yes, its actually very important we do. We attribute so much of our success and growth to the amount of work we have available from clients. If we only worked with one client or one industry we would restrict or limit the amount of demand we could have. If we said we were only going to specialize in telecoms, then the size of the telecom industry would dictate our demand. The more flexible we are and the more industries we work in, the more clients we can have. This only has a positive effect on the demand and budget the company has. This demand can then be a catalyst for explosive growth.

A huge advantage to being flexible with what industries we are in is becoming economy proof. This makes our company stable through all economic turns and changes. The market is constantly changing, quicker than ever these days with technology so prominent. This means new companies can come up fast and any company can suddenly be obsolete. If we committed to just one industry our business would suffer if that industry suffered or experienced any downturn. We always want to be on the cutting edge of new industries, new companies leading to new and greater opportunities for us. We are excited to say in five years time we could be working with companies that don’t even exist right now.
For different clients we use different forms of marketing to service them. We can use tests and run campaigns for short periods of time to determine how best to work with an individual client. Any company we work with the goal is to service that client and give the most personal service we can. Which form of marketing we use is predominantly determined by the clients target market, who and where are those people. Any tests we do help us to determine this and allow us to know how to proceed.
Open advertising has three main effects on a client.

1) An increased market share. This puts a client in a more powerful position in the industry they work within.

2) Brand awareness. More people will know of the brand or service the client offers.

3) Large increase in revenue. All companies need to make a profit and we are proud to make such a significant impact on a client’s revenue.
When we mention our clients, we are always referencing a large company that would hire us to represent them. This is a company who has hired us. If we reference a customer, we are talking about a member of the public or business who we have dealt with or are currently dealing with on behalf of a client.
The UK served the company’s CEO, Joshua Peace really well and we will always remember the start it gave us. Mr Peace built invaluable experience and knowledge working with clients in the U.K. We learnt how much our service could help a client and how much we could grow.

The US is a larger market with bigger clients, more demand and with more opportunity to expand. When we got the opportunity to work with clients in the US it was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. March 2016 we set up a whole new company and new operations in the US.
Pop-up events are one of our most effective forms of marketing for clients that have a broad target market or large potential customer base. It allows us to access high volumes of people for a client quickly and bring a product or service straight to them.
Most companies are trying to create more work for themselves to then allow them to expand. Having more work to do or more demand of the company’s service will allow a company to grow confidently knowing it will increase profits and the extra expense will be profitable. If a company has a stagnant amount of work, it is very difficult for that company to grow or expand. Once the expansion happens, what extra income would that bring if there was no extra demand?

We have spent the last eight years in the UK perfecting our craft so we can make a huge difference to a client. As we improved our service to our clients, the demand for our service grew. We are now so confident of the difference we can make it to a client that we GUARANTEE them a return on any investment they make to our company. Any amount of money they pay us we promise to make them more in return. This guarantee and years of making a difference to clients has created the demand we have today. Since being in the US we are constantly in a situation where our clients have more work for us than we can handle, more budget for us than they are currently paying us and so we have the opportunity to grow into that work. Knowing as we grow, there is demand for our service. This gives us a platform that we can grow very fast from, never having to worry about their not being enough budget or enough work available.