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This page is for our people. We are so proud of our team, who we work with and what is very much our second family. If you are going to work for our company you will of course become apart of our environment. Read below for some of what people say it’s like to work here, check out some of our pictures and learn about our culture.

The Everyday

Working with us is a huge mix of ambition, fun, high energy and competing to be the best you! How fast can you win? How big can you win? How fast can you learn and improve yourself? These are all clues into the type of environment we create. Be great with people, try to make a positive impact on anyone you meet and you will fit in great!

Social Environment

From team nights out at a bar or a restaurant to spending time together watching sports and movies, we like to do more than just work. The company is growing so fast and the people within the office are the people that are helping us expand to 100 offices so why would we want to just know them at work? Our CEO Joshua Peace is a huge sports fan so feel free to ask him what you have to do to get him to take you to a Bulls, Cubs or Hawks game! He will want to take you anyway so he will end up helping you to hit whatever the goal was. Just don’t tell him we gave you the hint.

Business Trips Around The US

We are always wanting to give our employees the option to travel if they want to explore new offices, new cities and new environments. We feel this helps people develop anyway so we are happy to build this in. Whether this be to take a client to a currently non accessed area or to visit an up and running office, anyone that wants to go to another city for a few days can.

International Business Trips

Being from Europe we can offer business tips over there easily. Our CEO has partners and connections all over the UK and Europe. Anyone that completes our management training program automatically can qualify for a trip to the U.K and see where we originally came from.

Work To Live, Don’t Live To Work

This is something that is big for us. We don’t believe many people are excited to run a payroll, help a client, do some administration, make a positive impact on a customer or train someone. That is work. We believe people will be really excited to do that if it hits a life goal for them. If doing that will help a persons life, they will be so much more likely to give it their all. So instead of what work do you want, try what life do you want? What house? What car? What trips? What type of family and friends? From there, what work gets you those things?
After sitting with people and finding out what’s important to them, they are always now so much more excited to do whatever it takes to hit the goals that matter to them. Build a career that gives you the life you want.

Performance Is Key And We Reward It

No matter how old or young you are or what previous experience you have, once you are in our team you need to perform. Show us what you have got! Challenging yourself to be the best you! Work hard, perform well and you will get rewarded with bonuses, recognition, promotions and raises.

Our Internal Promotion And Zero Seniority Philosophy

We always want our managers to of learnt every position in the company. So even people who go onto huge things in the company start at the entry level. Anyone in the management training program isn’t entry level for long at all. It is just a week or two but they have real experience in every level. That is very important to us. We do not believe anyone should oversee anyone else without having been in their shoes before. We have no doubt that this increases the standards of our managers. For similar reasons we have a zero seniority policy. If the CEO’s best friend started in the company, they would get treated exactly the same as others, with the same opportunity as everyone else. This protects our team from bias and makes sure everyone is always equal. Anyone who deserves to move up or get credit will have that opportunity.

Our Team

We are a people business. Our business is our people. Without the incredible effort of our amazing team, we are nothing and we certainly wouldn’t be growing so fast. We care about our team a lot and do all we can to see them succeed. Different people have different goals and our company aim is that everyone is achieving what they personally set out to. So from the intern looking for some real company experience to the competitive, career driven person looking to grow fast, the team is here to support you.

Think you could fit in well? Apply for our company!